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Pray for eMinistry's growth and development:    Pray for our leaders and class participants, and for the growth of this ministry.



Teach a class on the topic of your ministry expertise or passion:    Share what you know to benefit the whole Church.  Your topic could be a specific outreach ministry, or a ministry which strengthens congregational life.    

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Publicize our classes in your congregation:   Tell your members about our ministry.  Let them know about specific upcoming classes.  Put a link to eMinistry on your congregation’s web site.  

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Join our R&D team:   It’s fun and informative!   You’ll be part of a wide-ranging team across the Church that helps eMinistry develop new programs.  

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Refer good potential leaders to us:   Know someone who’s got something great to share?  Tell us who they are and we’ll get in touch with them.

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Tell your friends & colleagues about us.  Forward our information and link to your contact list.  Help make eMinistry a truly Church-wide ministry.



Tell us what you’d like to see offered:   What topic would help you or your congregation the most?  What help and support can we give you in your ministry?

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Write an article for our newsletter:   Got some words of ministry wisdom to share?  Help our newsletter be one way we connect with and support lay ministers throughout the Church.



Become a sponsor!     Help lay the foundation for a growing, powerful ministry by supporting the areas of leader compensation, technology and administration.

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